Our group use geodetic observations and numerical simulations to study tectonics and earthquakes on land and in the ocean.



Meng “Matt” Wei (matt-wei@uri.edu; 401-874-6530)

Assistant Professor

Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island



[August 2, 2017] PI Wei has won the prestigious NSF CAREER award (award number 1654416). A new graduate student will join our team with the support of this award. Together, they will produce a next-generation dynamic model of the earthquake cycle and apply it to study the oceanic transform faults.

[April 12, 2017] Another paper entitled “A Cost-Effective Geodetic Strainmeter Based on Dual Coaxial Cable Bragg Gratings” has been published in Sensors. PI Wei is a co-author. [pdf]

[Feb 7, 2017] A new paper has been published in Geophysical Journal International: “Location and Source Characteristics of the January 6, 2016 North Korean Nuclear Test Constrained by InSAR” [pdf]

PI Wei has participated the GMTSAR short course as an instructor. (Course webpage)

We are looking for motivated graduate and undergraduate students for a variety of projects related to earthquake physics, geodesy, and numerical simulation. Familiarity with Terminal and Fortran/Matlab/Python language is preferred. Please contact me if you are interested.


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